Technology Department

Technology is the active human interface with the material world. We have been so desensitized by a hundred and fifty years of ceaselessly expanding technical prowess that we think nothing less complex and showy than a computer or a jet bomber deserves to be called “technology” at all. As if linen were the same thing as flax — as if paper, ink, wheels, knives, clocks, chairs, aspirin pills, were natural objects, born with us like our teeth and fingers — as if steel saucepans with copper bottoms and fleece vests spun from recycled glass grew on trees, and we just picked them when they were ripe...

Ursula K. Le Guin  

   'A Rant about "Technology"', 2005


It is the task of the technology department to enable innovative learning for every person in our district.

We do this by building, maintaining, and securing the hardware and software infrastructure which permits innovation to thrive.