• Board Meeting Location Change

    The Board Work Session scheduled for tonight, 6/12/17 at 7:30 p.m. has been moved to the Falls Building. The meeting will NOT be held at the District Office.

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  • Mahopac's K-5 Instructional Technology Night

    Save the date and join us on Tuesday, April 25 from 7-8 p.m. at Lakeview Elementary to learn from our teachers and students about what Mahopac is doing with technology in our three elementary schools. We will showcase examples of how Chromebooks, coding, and other Instructional Technologies are being used within our classrooms and after school clubs!

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  • High School Principal Search

    As we move to the next phase of our search for a new High School Principal, it is important to gather community input on what you believe are the most important qualifications and leadership qualities that our new Principal should possess.  Please read the Superintendent's letter regarding the search process.

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  • 2017-2018 Kindergarten Registration Information

    Kindergarten registration for the 2017- 2018 school year will be held at the Office of Central Registration located at the Falls District Office, 100 Myrtle Ave., Mahopac, between the hours of 8:15 a.m. and 3 p.m. on the following dates:

    Austin Road Elementary School: January 31, February 2 &  27
    Fulmar Road Elementary School: February 6, 8 & 24
    Lakeview Elementary School: January 30, February 14 & 16

    Registrations are by appointment only. To schedule an appointment and request a registration packet, please contact the Office of Central Registration at 845-621-0656 ext. 13902

    Registration packets are also available on our District website under District Info>Registration

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  • Transportation Information

    All transportation information will be available on the Parent Portal beginning August 30, 2016.  If you need access to Parent Portal, contact Marie Micol at (845) 621-0656. 

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    If our Mahopac Community would like to submit written feedback on the
    MCSD NYS Smart Schools Bond Act Preliminary Proposed Plan, please email:

    To learn more about the Smart Bond Act FAQs and Guidelines go to:

    NYSED SSBA FAQs 07/16/15

    NYSED SSBA FAQs 10/27/15

    NYSED SSBA Guidelines

    NYSED SSBA Website

    Mahopac Central School District

From the Superintendent

Dear Mahopac Parents and Guardians,

We are very fortunate to have high achieving schools that are staffed with exceptional professionals. At every level of our District, we have dedicated staffs who strive to meet the individual needs of your children. Everyone works to ensure that each student achieves his or her fullest potential.

This year we will expand our goal of integrating instructional technology at all levels. We will begin to have Chrome Books available in our schools so that students can explore the internet under the guidance of their teachers.

As we integrate educational technology into our core academic programs, care will be taken to ensure that our students understand their digital citizenship responsibilities. Thus, we will educate our students on the many benefits and dangers found on the internet.

Thank you for your support of our schools and for your active partnership in the education of your children. Together we build the future of Mahopac and our nation.

Sincerely yours,

Dennis W. Creedon, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools



News & Headlines

  • Mahopac Principal Fulfills Promise — to Kiss a Pig

    “If everyone finishes the book ‘Charlotte’s Web,’ I will kiss a pig,” Fulmar Road Elementary School Principal Gary Chadwick told the student body and staff during the school’s One School, One Book assembly back in May. Chadwick fulfilled his promise this week, when traveling petting zoo Two By Two Zoo came to visit, bringing with them not just the pig, but lots of other animals as well.

    Every student and staff member at Fulmar Road was given the challenge to read “Charlotte’s Web,” by E.B. White. Starting in May, students, teachers, administrators, bus drivers, office workers and all school personnel and family members began to read the book as part of One School, One Book, a program sponsored by Read to Them, a non-profit organization promoting family literacy.

    Anticipation built this week, while students enjoyed petting all kinds of animals, including rabbits, kangaroos, turtles, snakes, parrots and goats, among others. But the real excitement came when Chadwick took his place at the pavilion.

    “As you remember, I promised to kiss a pig if everyone did their reading,” Chadwick said, addressing the students. “I don’t think a day has gone by when one of you hasn’t said, ‘You better kiss that pig!’”

    “I am so thankful that all of you took the time to read ‘Charlotte’s Web,’” Chadwick told students.

    As the Two By Two staff member lifted Freddie the pig up, Chadwick kissed him, as students laughed and applauded.

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  • Tech Center Graduates Are Ready for a Bright Future

    Graduates of the Tech Center at Putnam | Northern Westchester BOCES are not only ready for college and careers, they are ready for life. That was the consensus of the student speakers at the recent graduation on the BOCES’ Yorktown campus. The graduates represented the 40 programs Tech has to offer. More than 40 Mahopac students attended The Tech Center this year, with many of them earning high honors and awards, including induction into the honor society.

    North Salem student and valedictorian Leah Feniger said she not only feels better prepared for a career in Computer Graphics because of The Tech Center, but she feels better prepared for the practical side of life as well. “We learned about business and finance and even how to do our taxes,” said Feniger.

    Salutatorian Jesse Fleming, also from North Salem, said being a Sports Medicine student enabled him to find himself and discover his desire to become a doctor one day. “The hands-on techniques we learned were inspiring and exciting,” he said, “and I learned more in this class than I have in all four years of high school.”

    Putnam | Northern Westchester BOCES District Superintendent James Ryan spoke at the ceremony as did Tech Center Director Cathy Balestrieri and principals Steve Lowery and Jim Bellucci. BOCES board members and area district superintendents were also on hand for the celebration.

    More than 400 students graduated from the Tech Center with training and expertise in such fields as culinary arts, fashion design, computer technology, environmental science, healthcare, computer graphics, digital film, law enforcement, urban forestry, auto mechanics and education.  The program for the graduation ceremony listed pages of scholarships, honors and awards received by the graduating class including top honors in statewide competitions and scholarships from community and professional organizations.

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  • Mahopac High School Expands to the Great Outdoors

    Seniors can now spend some time during the waning days until graduation in the new outdoor seating area installed recently at Mahopac High School.

    Thanks to generous donations from the Yearbook Club and the Parent Teacher Organization, the beautiful all-weather area was installed right outside the cafeteria and includes several benches, a picnic table, attractive recycling and trash receptacles as well as matching planters sporting tall flowering plants. The furniture sits on a newly installed stone patio.

    The Site-Based Committee, which includes faculty, administrators, parents and students, came up with the idea to provide the outdoor space last year.

    The space marks the first time high school students will have access to a space outside of the school building. “Students generally rise to the occasion when they are given the freedom to use something like this,” said MHS guidance counselor and Site-Based Committee member Julie Cummins, who added that students have been very respectful of the book nooks installed in the high school last year. “We let the students drive the ideas for the project,” she said, “because it is their school.” Cummins said that she and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development Dr. Adam Pease designed the space. It will be open select periods of the day for seniors this year and may be expanded to include juniors in the future.

    “Our buildings and grounds staff did a great job with preparing the space and putting in the planters as well,” said MHS Interim Principal John Augusta.

    Senior Jessica Mastropietro, who is on the Site-Based Committee, said she will enjoy using the outdoor seating area, if only for a short time. “I’m excited to roll it out and be able to use it for the rest of the year,” she said.


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  • In MHS Science Class, ‘Virtually’ Anything Is Possible

    Living environment students in Jen Cauthers’ class colored in their plant and animal cell diagrams, hovered their phones over them and watched them come to augmented 3D life in class recently. Using the Quiver augmented-reality app, the Mahopac High School students were able to look into their creations in depth in a way previously impossible.

    “It’s fascinating,” said student Makenly Crisman. “It makes the diagram three dimensional, so you can really see everything that is there.”

    Cauthers has been using both virtual reality devices, in which students see a digital re-creation of a real-life setting, and augmented reality devices, which deliver virtual elements overlaid onto a real-world setting, in her science classes this year and has seen her students’ interest pique.

    “It makes lessons more engaging and interactive for them,” she says.

    For virtual reality, students use cardboard goggles called Google Cardboard. Students put the goggles on and view videos on their phones while wearing the goggles. Students then use Cardboard-compatible applications on their phones to watch class-appropriate videos, placing the phones into the back of the viewer.

    There are also hundreds of virtual “field trips” that teachers can guide students through using Google cardboard.

    “We did a tour of the Galapagos Islands using Google Cardboard, and the students were really engaged in it,” Cauthers said. “You felt like you were immersed in the islands. You could see all the different types of coral and fish species close up.”

    Because not all students have smart phones, the district purchased a trial Google Expedition set, which will arrive this summer and be beta tested. It will include about 30 devices. Cauthers said teachers hope to use it on a widespread group of students next year and potentially purchase more as needed.

    Students using the Quiver augmented-reality app can not only see their diagrams popping right off the page, but they can make recordings and videos as well. “They can record a tutorial on the app, and it also has a quiz on the diagram that students can take,” Cauthers said, which helps them memorize the material.

    The technology is evolving all the time, according to Cauthers. “It really is the beginning of an exciting new way of learning.”

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  • Colonial Times Reenacted at Austin Road

    History came to life this week during Austin Road Elementary School’s Colonial Day. Fourth graders immersed themselves in period games, crafts and activities as part of their study of Colonial America and the American Revolution.

    Students learned tinsmithing and stenciling, played games, and danced to Colonial music. But it wasn’t all fun and games. They also got to experience the strictness of “Dame School,” where teachers were not as kind as they are today.

    “This was the first year Austin Road held this event, and it was great!” said fourth grade teacher Katie Douma. “We’re already looking forward to next year.”

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  • Nineteen Mahopac High School Students Inducted into National Technical Honor Society

    Nineteen Mahopac High School students were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society last week, having demonstrated scholarship, character, leadership, service and skill at an exemplary level.

    The honorees and their fields of study were:

    Daniella Bastone (Medical Assistant)
    Tara Burt (Cosmetology)
    Lindsey Civita (Child Development and Education)
    Kristen Corona (New Visions Health)
    Athena Durnin (Medical Assistant)
    Cristina Fierro (Fashion Design and Merchandising)
    Stephanie Grossi (Child Development and Education)
    Ryan Isherwood (Auto Body)
    Amanda Kelleher (Child Development and Education)
    Ariana Lopez (Cosmetology)
    James Ormsby (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
    Michael Parducci (Architectural Design and 3D Modeling)
    Kacey Riordan (Television Production and Digital Film)
    Danielle Rizzo (Veterinary Science)
    Gina Roche (Child Care Aide)
    Ashley Sherman (Baking and Pastry Arts)
    Julianna Tozzi (Veterinary Science)
    Niki Ward (Animation & Motion Graphics)
    Alessandra Zonetti (Fashion Design and Merchandising)

    The event, held at Putnam | Northern Westchester BOCES’ Yorktown campus on May 18, was attended by BOCES administration, Tech Center faculty, students, friends and family members. In addition to those students who were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society, more than 80 students received scholarships and awards.

    “Whether they are framing a house in Carpentry, saving a tree in Urban Forestry or comforting a child in Early Childhood Education, Tech Center students gain skills few others do,” Vilma Ramos of Walter Panas High School told the audience of 400, including fellow honorees, Tech Center faculty and staff, students, friends and family.

    The Honor Society looks for students who “demonstrate a spirit of personal excellence, honesty, leadership, teamwork and responsibility,” said Chelsea Horsfield of Walter Panas High School. The honorees, from high schools throughout the region, all attend technical and career classes at BOCES.

    In addition to scholarship, inductees had to exhibit  character, skill, leadership and service.

    Lighting a candle to represent “service,” Nicholas Mills of Walter Panas High School listed the organizations that Tech students aid with volunteer work, including volunteer ambulance companies and fire departments, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, the Special Olympics, ROTC programs, Guiding Eyes for the Blind and more.

    BOCES Superintendent Dr. James Ryan told the students that he and the faculty were proud of them.

    “I have seldom seen students who have such tremendous composure, maturity and focus on their areas of interest,” he said. “I really am so taken by the dedication that you have for your areas of interest, and I know that you are going to do great things as you go from Putnam | Northern Westchester BOCES.”

    In all, 104 students from Westchester and Putnam were inducted into the honor society.

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