Red Ribbon Week

A Week Long Celebration of Health Choices & Community Connections 


Red Ribbon Week promotes substance abuse prevention and is celebrated in many school districts and communities across the nation. This year's theme, “Take a Stand, Lend a Hand: Celebrating Healthy Choices and Community Connections,”  focuses on substance abuse prevention starting with good mental health with children and teens.  Mahopac Schools' Health Education team provided age-appropriate activities to all students that focus on healthy-decision making, reaching out to help other, and asking for help from trusted adults when needed. Specific messaging to students included:

  • encouraging the development of self esteem
  • teaching and practicing healthy coping skills
  • providing  tools to manage  stress and emotions in healthy ways
  • understanding that mental health challenges are common  often manageable with the right resources.

Despite the fact that mental illness effects approximately 1:4 adults, there is a stigma that may still present a barrier for  children and teens. The District will continue to encourage students to talk openly about their concerns and to reach out for help throughout the school year.

For more information about the District's Health Education program or for more information, contact :

Val Nierman
Health Coordinator K-12
Health Education Teacher, MHS
845-628-3256 ext. 11413

Kelly McCoy
Health Education Teacher, K-5