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    2021-2022 Budget and School Board Election Results

    These are the unofficial results of the Budget Vote

    Budget Vote Result: YES 917- NO 694

    Proposition 2 Result: YES 967- NO 702

    Board of Education Vote Results
    Lucy Massafra 724
    Joaquim Mota, Jr. 491
    David Furfaro 767
    Michael Martin 780
    Roger Duran 571
    Allison Mueller 685


    District Clerk
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    MCSD Continuity of Operations Plan

    On September 7, 2020, Governor Cuomo signed into law Chapter 168 of the Laws of 2020 that requires public employers, including public school districts, to adopt a continuation of operations plan in the event that the governor declares a public health emergency involving communicable disease. The legislation (S.8617-B/ A.10832) amends subdivision 2 of section 2801-a of New York Education Law to require that District Safety Plans include protocols for responding to a declared public health emergency involving a communicable disease that are “substantially consistent” with the provisions of section 27-c of the Labor Law .  Pursuant to this law, the District's Emergency Continuation of Operations Plan is available here for public comment for 30 days.  If you would like to comment on the District's Emergency Continuation of Operations Plan, please email your comments to our District Clerk, Melody LaRocca at laroccam@mahopac.org.  
    District Clerk
  • Public Participation at Regular Board Meetings

    During the COVID-19 Pandemic and pursuant to the Resolution passed at the Board of Education meeting held on November 12, 2020, public participation for comments/questions will be implemented via virtual technology through Zoom.  Due to the fact that there are two different times during the meeting where public participation is afforded, (1) on agenda items and (2) on non-agenda items, the participants will be divided into those two categories and then speak in the order in which they registered for the meeting.  Please see below for guidelines to participate:

    • Contact District Clerk, Melody LaRocca at laroccam@mahopac.org with your full name, address and topic of comment/questions by 3:30 p.m. the day of the meeting;
    • A registration link will be provided to you at that time.  Once registered, a link will be provided immediately, which will be encrypted to you only and will not work if it is forwarded or copied;
    • During the meeting, you will remain in the waiting room until you are admitted in, at which time, you will be provided three minutes to complete your comments/questions;
    • Please be patient as it may take some time to admit you. You can still watch the meeting on YouTube here;
    • Please limit your questions/comments to three minutes pursuant Policy 1512
    • We ask that cameras remain on during the time at which you are addressing the Board of Education;
    • The Board of Education reserves the rights to remove any community member from the meeting should Policy 1512 be violated.
    District Clerk
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