Bus Safety

Behavior at bus stops and on the bus is extremely important. More students are injured by horseplay at bus stops and while boarding than in any other area. For the students' safety, school bus rules must be adhered to, for failure to do so may cause the students' riding privileges to be suspended.

Important Note: Students at bus stops along highly trafficked roads should stand 30 to 60 feet back from the bus stop. They should only advance and board the bus when directed by the bus driver who has come to a complete stop with flashing red lights.

Please review common sense rules about bus safety with your children. Items of discussion should include:

Look both ways when crossing the street, and do so only when the bus driver signals it is safe to cross.
Do not play near the wheels of the bus.
Children should not carry items that are heavy or breakable on the bus.
Please be sure your child does not have loose strings, long backpack straps, loose costumes, or other items which may cause them to fall or may become tangled in the door of the bus.

Important Points to Remember
* Motorists passing a stopped school bus while the red lights are flashing is a serious matter and subject to conviction. Please be aware of the safety of our children!
* School bus drivers urge that residents place their "new" house numbers on their mailboxes and eliminate all other numbers (original house and box numbers). This will make it less confusing when picking up students, especially KINDERGARTEN children.