Bus Conduct Rules

Be at the bus stop at least five minutes before pickup time.
Wait by the side of the road in an orderly manner until the bus comes to a complete stop and the flashing red lights are on. Only at that point move toward the bus. If you have to cross the road to board the bus, do so only after the red bus lights are flashing.
Upon boarding the bus, take a seat and remain in it until you are scheduled to get off.
Saving seats is not allowed.
Keep books, etc., on your lap. Avoid eating on the bus.
Avoid throwing any type of article about inside the bus, out the window or at the bus when you get off.
Smoking, fighting or the possession of illegal articles is not permitted on the bus.
Defacing or destroying public property is prohibited. Always keep your head and arms within the bus.
When leaving the bus to cross a road, walk about ten feet in front of the bus. Watch the driver for any special instructions.
Never go back and pick up something you may have dropped until the bus has moved away and traffic is clear.
The emergency door, windows and fire extinguisher are to be used only in an emergency situation.
Always give your full attention, cooperation and courtesy to the bus driver.
On those vehicles which are equipped with lap restraints, students are advised to wear them while traveling on a school bus or van.