Transportation Change Appeal Process

Should a request for a Transportation Change be denied, the petitioner has the right to appeal the denial. The procedure for appealing the denial is as follows:

1. The petitioner must send a letter to the Assistant Superintendent for Business detailing the reasons the denial should be overturned. 

2. Enclose with this letter all relevant data, such as

a. District correspondence
b. Doctors letters
c. Detailed medical information
d. Statistics
e. Photos
f. Any other pertinent information

3. Any letters received with incomplete or insufficient documentation will be returned to the petitioner.

4. All documentation will be forwarded to the Districts Independent Transportation Review Committee for action. The Independent Transportation Review Committee will review all pertinent information prior to rendering their recommendation. 

5. The Transportation Review Committee will then make a recommendation to the Transportation Committee of the BOE. 

6. The Mahopac CSD Board of Education will then approve or deny the recommendation of the Transportation sub committee. 

7. The petitioner will then be notified in writing of the decision.