Curriculum, Instruction and Staff Development

Welcome to the Mahopac Central School District Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Staff Development.  Our department is primarily responsible for ensuring that each child receives the very best education available.  We do this by focusing on high-quality curriculum, instruction, assessment, and remediation programs.  We also coordinate the professional development of all of our employees ensuring that we are using the most current practices to maximize learning in our MCSD classrooms. 


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We are so #PAC-PROUD to announce that M.C.S.D. has been nationally recognized as a "District of TechXcellence!"  District Administrator (DA) Magazine, a widely distributed national journal of school administrators, has honored our District as part of their national recognition program sponsored by Intel and hp.  In part, the award letter notes that our "exemplary initiatives serve as a worthy model of inspiration for schools across the country."


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Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development

Michael A. Tromblee

845-621-0656 ext. 13503


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Joanne Sullivan
845-621-0656 ext. 13502

Andrea Hughes
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