2014-2015 Budget Highlights

Mahopac Central School District

2014-2015 Proposed Budget $117,763,225


-Tax Levy increase of 0.49%

(less than half percent)

  • Increase Staff Supports for Students
  •         2 Elementary teachers to address class size
  •         2 teachers at the Middle School for Academic Intervention Services (AIS) in Mathematics
  •         1 additional Social Worker for the Elementary Schools
  •         1 additional Guidance Counselor at the High school
  •          .8 increase to the music department staff
  •           Creation of Department Chair for the Art Department
  •           Additional electives at the High School in Music and Social Studies


-Continued School Security Measures

- $600,000 reduction in Debt

 -Purchase of new school busses which include security cameras and retrofit to existing buses