Influenza Vaccination

School aged children are 3 to 4 times more likely to contract flu than adults.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now recommends yearly influenza vaccination for all school aged children.  Even in healthy children flu can lead to serious complications and millions of school days are lost to the flu each year.   As a result, the Putnam County Department of Health will again be offering FREE flu vaccination for your child at his/her school this fall.  

Making FREE vaccination available to your child during the school day eliminates additional demand on your time and your child will be better protected from influenza. Immunizing the student helps to keep the larger community safe as well. 

The Putnam County Health Department has worked with the Mahopac Central School District to schedule the following dates to provide influenza immunization to your school community.  

2019 school flu vaccination clinics are scheduled as follows:

  • Austin Road – 11/6/2019
  • Fulmar Road – 11/8/2019
  • Lakeview Elementary – 11/8/2019
  • Mahopac High School – 11/14/2019
  • Mahopac Middle School & Falls – 11/15/2019

Signed consent must be obtained from the parent/guardian prior to vaccination.  Please return your child’s consent form to the building’s main office by the following dates:

Elementary- Morning of 10/31/19

Middle School- Morning of 11/04/19

High School- Morning of 11/04/19