Capital Project Planning Overview

The Mahopac Central School District is working diligently on developing a tax-neutral capital project that provides strong and safe schools. Strong relationships between schools and community fosters strong students and families that can contribute to long-term community success. Communities that have strong, positive relationships with schools have a solid workforce, higher job satisfaction, improved housing options and a flourishing economy. 

The bond supports an educational facility plan that serves as a clear reflection of our community’s commitment to high-quality schools, including security and safety initiatives, infrastructure needs, such as:

  • Technology Improvements
  • Site Improvements & Development
  • Renovating Libraries to Multimedia Centers
  • Music & Performance Upgrades
  • Athletic Fields & Facilities
  • Infrastructure & Energy Efficiency
  • Security Improvements
  • STEAM & Science Instructional Upgrades

“We are able to put forth a tax neutral capital project as a result of new debt replacing old debt being paid off. In other words, the capital project does not have to increase property taxes,” said Assistant Superintendent for Business Harvey Sotland.

The capital project will be the result of extensive research and planning by the District’s Administration and Building Committee, which is led by Sotland and Superintendent of Schools Anthony DiCarlo. The committee is comprised of Board of Education members, staff and administration representatives, and community members who have expertise in finance, construction, education and security. The committee is also supported by the architectural firm Tetra Tech Architects & Engineers and a construction manager.

“Together we will create scalable and cost-effective designs to provide for the best learning spaces for our students and staff. The capital project will help meet the needs of today’s students and the students of the future by reinvesting in our schools and community,” DiCarlo said.